Reusults of European assaut championships 2017

 Loverval - Belgium

Weight cathegory Result NameCountry
F48 kg  Champion Kelly ATANASIO  FRANCE
Vice-champion Nad MILADINOV  SERBIA
F52 kg Champion Colombe VARLET FRANCE
Vice-champion Rebecca MANDEFU  BELGIUM
F56 kg Champion Melissa DIEUDONNE FRANCE
Vice-champion Kristina DROLIC SERBIA
F60 kg Champion Juliette WOLFF FRANCE
Vice-champion G.PAPPADA  ITALY
F65 kg Champion Claire Marie DRAME FRANCE
Vice-champion Irena ZUNEC CROATIA
 F70 kg Champion Cindy DEMARLE  FRANCE
Vice-champion Katarina MYLLARI   FINLAND
F75 kg Champion Margaux CALVES CADIOU FRANCE
Vice-champion Giulia ZINI  ITALY
  Vice-champion Klara ROSIC  SLOVENIA
M56 Champion Charles HERBERT  FRANCE
  Vice-champion Leonardo CAPUTI  ITALY
M60 Champion Anthony GHASSIRI FRANCE
  Vice-champion Alen NOKAJ CROATIA
M65 Champion Lilkan LOUISET FRANCE
  Vice-champion Cosimo GUARINO  ITALY
M70 Champion Smaël MAYOUF FRANCE
  Vice-champion Gianni BARBARO ITALY
M75 Champion Fabrice NOGUEIRA FRANCE
  Vice-champion  Luca FOUCART BELGIUM
M80 Champion Loïc GOUGET FRANCE
  Vice-champion Leny KROKOS BELGIUM
M85 Champion Wendy FAURE FRANCE
  Vice-champion Quentin RAVIART BELGIUM
M85+ Champion Mickael BABDOR FRANCE
  Vice-champion Benoît MINGUET BELGIUM


Reusults of European combat championships 2016


Weight cathegory Result NameCountry
M-60 kg  Champion SHCHERBACHENKO Sergei Russia
Vice-champion MARIMOUTU Eddy FRANCE
M-65 kg Champion FAUJOUR Julien FRANCE
Vice-champion SHVANEV Ilya RUSSIA
M -70 kg Champion DIARRA Stanislas FRANCE
Vice-champion OSIPOV Dmitrii RUSSIA
M-75 kg Champion ANDREZE Kévin FRANCE
 Vice-champion IARANTCEV Nikolai RUSSIA
M-80 kg Champion KURGANSKII Igor RUSSIA
Vice-champion SERODES Arthur FRANCE
 M-85 kg Champion  POCHET Alexis  FRANCE
Vice-champion DOZORETHS Stanislas UKRAINE
M+85 kg Champion EDZOEV Tamerlan RUSSIA
Vice-champion GEORGOPOYLOS Nikolaos GREECE

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