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europe savate 2018

The qualifying tournament of the 2018 European Championships in Savate Combat took place in Pamiers, France. 

The weigh-in took place on Thursday and the fighting began on Friday morning. The combats were supervised by a team of experienced officials, who managed the event efficiently. Thank you to all of them!

After the opening ceremony on Saturday night, the junior finals, a senior women's final and some international fights took place in a climate of excitement, adrenaline and excellence. 

Many thanks to the organizer, Jean Pascal Santoro and his team of volunteers, who gave us a warm welcome in a historic town.

Relive the junior finals and the senior final F65 with the images of la09TV. :

Part 1 
Part 2

The other finals, senior men and women, will take place at Cirque d'Hiver in Paris and La Motte Servolex this autumn.

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